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Louki Akrita 21-23., Bellapais Court, 7th floor,
office 46, 1100 Nicosia - Cyprus


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Welcome to Nexellence! Please select the language to proceed.

Welcome to Nexellence! Please select the language to proceed.



Business services
you can rely on

Nexellence Fiduciary services LTD(“Nexellence”) is fiduciary company offering comprehensive Corporate Services through its network of associates. We may assist you in a fast-track incorporation of a new company in accordance to your needs and requirements. The firm is based in Nicosia but also has representatives in Ukraine and Russia.

About us

Nexellence can provide you legal and fiduciary services, nominee officers and shareholders, virtual offices and substance services. Nexellence can also undertake other activities, such as invoicing, preparation of documents, assistance with your company bank accounts operations, etc.

Why us?

  • Nexellence is a boutique firm based in Cyprus – we select and attend to our clients.
  • You have all the necessary services under one roof.
  • We have a variety of clients both public and private.
  • Our firm has experienced staff in all areas of practice.
  • We are able to provide fiduciary services to other jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, BVI or any other country through our associates abroad.
  • We provide lobbing, investment and introductory services for clients through our network of associates.
  • We are introducers to the majority of the Cypriot banks.
  • Our charging fees are very reasonable combining quality and result.