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Nowadays a lot of people want to obtain a residence permit in Europe - not only for emigration, but also for free moving within the EU. In 2020-2021 a residence permit in Greece has been in particularly high demand.

You can quickly obtain a residence permit under Golden Visa program when buying a real estate or other assets for a certain amount.

In 2020 Greek Golden Visa program became more popular than offers of other European countries which provide a residence permit for investment. It`s not necessary to come to Greece to buy a real estate, which is especially convenient under closure.


  • Greece offers the cheapest residence permit for investment: an applicant has to buy one or several real estate objects at a total cost of at least 250 000 euros.
  • Greek program allows to buy several real estate objects the total value of which is equal to or exceeds the minimum investment.
  • The price of a real estate in Greece is lower than in other EU countries, but the potential is higher.
  • Often Golden Visa holders do not need the purchased property so they rent it out to regain their investment. In Greece investors are free to do this, unlike the other countries. The most profitable strategy is to rent out the property for short-term or medium-term rent as it brings a higher income.
  • This residence permit enables you to travel throughout the EU and the Schengen Area without any restrictions, as well as stay in each EU member state for any period of time.
  • The applicant does not need to stay in Greece for any period of time and can apply for Greek citizenship in 5 years.

Check the price of obtaining a Golden Visa in Greece with our specialists.