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A.G. Leventis street, 5, LEVENTIS TOWER, 13th floor,
Flat/Office 1301, 1097, Nicosia, Cyprus

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and commercial

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea on the crossroad between three continents, Cyprus offers unique advantages for international investors and businessmen.

Cyprus offers a favorable investor-friendly tax rate of 12.5%,
which is one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU.

Location privileges

Companies registered in Cyprus benefit from the double taxation avoidance treaties between Cyprus and 45 European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and other countries. These treaties, in their majority, follow the OECD model. As a result foreign investors do not have to pay additional tax in their home country.

Multiple conventions

There is a significant network of bilateral and multilateral conventions and treaties with other countries and organisations.

Quality standards

Highly specialized professional services, modern infrastructure and laws.

Corporate multitasking

Our corporate department handles all types of company and commercial matters for public and private companies, local or BVI, partnerships and individuals. It acts on company formations, reconstructions, takeovers and amalgamations, and is experienced in dealing with the taxation aspects of all such matters. On the intellectual property front the firm is also experienced in dealing with copyright, patents, trademarks and business names. It is also experienced in drafting all types of contracts.

Nominee services

Nexellence, being a licensed fiduciary services company under the Bar association of Cyprus, can provide the following nominee services in Cyprus:

Company directors:

For clients who wish to establish and strengthen their local presence in Cyprus by ensuring management and control of the board of directors occurs in Cyprus. Company directors take part in board meetings, review and pass resolutions of the board and provide general assistance with the day to day management of the company.

Company secretary:

Every Cypriot company is required by law to have a company secretary. The duties of a company secretary include:

  • The upkeep of the company’s statutory registers, minute books, etc.
  • Filing of required returns to the registrar of companies.
  • Preparation of meetings of the board and members of the company.

Nominee shareholder
and trustee services

Holding of the legal title to shares in Cypriot and overseas companies as nominees for the benefit of our clients, under trust arrangements (either Cypriot International Trusts or normal trusts governed by the relevant Cypriot legislation).

Bank Account
management services


In order to take advantage of tax treaties benefits, a company has to be a Cyprus tax resident. According to the Cyprus Company Law –Cap. 113., it means that the company has to exercise its affective management and control in Cyprus. The term “substance” is not clearly defined in Cyprus legislation. However, the following conditions are among the key requirements by the Cyprus tax office:

  • Registered office address in Cyprus
  • Board of directors exercise control and make key management and commercial decisions
  • The majority of directors are Cyprus tax residents
  • Board meeting are held in Cyprus and Board Decisions are taken in Cyprus
  • Company books and records are maintained in Cyprus

Sufficient substance generally means having an office and an employee based in Cyprus. Nexellence team is happy to assist our Clients to develop solutions depending on their specific needs and requirements. We are offering comprehensive substance services, including real/physical space and virtual office packages.